Monday, April 7, 2014

CT Tag "A Berry Beautiful day" for Amy Marie + Tutorial + Snags

CT Tag for Amy Marie by using her PTU Kit - Strawberry Dreams

available at her store HERE

and PTU tube "Veronica" by VeryManyTubes

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Preview of the kit

Some Extras Snags

Please leave some love if you snag them xoxo

Tutorial - A Berry Beautiful day

✎ Supplies Needed: 

✔ Programs: Photoshop - I use CS5, but any version should do.
✔ Tube of Choice: Any tube you like. Here I use PTU Tube "Veronica" by VeryManyTubes.
✔ Scrap Kit: Strawberry Dreams by Amy Marie. You can get it at her store HERE
✔ Mask of Choice: Any mask would do. Here I use MC_Mask11 from Melissaz Creationz.
✔ Font of Choice: Any font you like. Here I use Take a Pebble


☼ Open a blank image with 600x600 (pixels).

☼ Copy and paste the mask.

☼ Copy and paste paper 11. → Resize it to the same size as the background (600x600 pixels) 

☼ Click the mask layer on the layers panel. → Go to menu bar and click Select > All, and then Edit > Copy. → Click paper 11 on the layers panel. → Press Q on your keyboard → Go to menu bar and click Edit > Paste → Press Q on your keyboard again → Click "Add Vector Mask" icon in the bottom of the layers panel (it's next to fx icon). → Delete the original mask layer.

☼ Copy and paste element 112 → Right click on the element 112 layer in the layers panel > Select Create Clipping Mask.→ Put it in the middle of the canvas

☼ Copy and paste the tube → Resize to 47 % → Right click on the element 112 layer in the layers panel > Select Release Clipping Mask. → Put it lower a bit lower than the middle of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste element 103 → Move the layer of element 103 below to tube layer in the layers panel → Put in on the lower part of the canvas to make it look like the girl is sitting on it. → Duplicate element 103 for three times and arrange them so it can look like a larger grasslands. You can flip them horizontal according to your need.

☼ Copy and paste element 110 → Make sure its layer is on top of all element 103 layers. → Put it behind the tube's leg.

☼ Copy and paste element 99 → Put it lower than the middle of the canvas so it can look like it's behind the tube.

☼ Copy and paste element 41 →  Resize to 50.7 % → Put it on the right side and lower than the middle of the canvas so it can be behind the tube's arm.

☼ Duplicate element 41 → Move it to the left side of the canvas so it can be near the tube's foot.

☼ Copy and paste element 34 → Resize to 46.15 % → Put it on the right next to element 41 copy.

☼ Copy and paste element 127 → Put it in the middle of the canvas so it may look like the river is shining..

☼ Copy and paste element 33 → Put it near the tube's body and head so it may be like that the tube leans on it.

☼ Copy and paste element 40 → Resize to 60.7 % → Put it on the top of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste element 105 → Resize to 57.3 % → Move the layer of element 105 upon the tube layer in the layers panel → Put in in front of the tube's arm and body.

☼ Copy and paste element 54 → Resize to 24.1 % → Put it on the left next to element 105.

☼ Copy and paste element 49 → Flip horizontal → Resize to 29.2 % → Put it in front of the tube's foot.

☼ Add your name/text to it.

☼ Add the required copyright/credit and save it in jpg or png format

☼ Delete the background layer


Thank you for following the tut. If you have any question regarding the instruction of this tut, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me HERE. :) xoxo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cluster Frame Freebie made with PO-Concept's freebie kit "Eggpopping"

Finally after a long time, I get to make another freebie cluster frame!

PO-Concept has a freebie kit "Eggpopping" and she allows me to make a free CF with it.

The kit is a limited time Easter Freebie on her fan page. You can download it HERE at her page.
Make sure that you like the fan page before you can download it :)

There is a contest going in PO-Concept fan group too. Simply make a group banner with this freebie kit and you may get a chance to win 2 of PO-Concept's kits of your choice. Join the group HERE to get more info ;)

And you can download the cluster frame HERE. :) 
Please do not claim it as your own but link back, nor share it with others but give them the link to my blog. If you use it in your work, please send it to I'd love to see your work with this and post it on my blog. :) Also, please leave some love if you download the cluster frame. xoxo Thank you :)

A tag I made with the cluster.

(Click images to enlarge)

Here's another beautiful tag made by Alexx with this cluster. :)