Thursday, March 27, 2014

CT Tag "Summer Day" for PO-Concept + Tutorial + Snags

CT Tag for PO-Concept by using her PTU Kit - Blue Bay

(You can get it from PFD or S&Co)

and PTU tube "Summer is coming" by Alex_Prihodko

(Click the images to enlarge)

Preview of the kit

Some Extras Snags

Tutorial - Summer Day

✎ Supplies Needed: 

✔ Programs: Photoshop - I use CS5, but any version should do.
✔ Tube of Choice: Any tube you like. Here I use PTU Tube "Summer is coming" by Alex_Prihodko in PFD.
✔ Scrap Kit: Blue Bay by PO-Concept. You can get it in PFD or S&Co
✔ Mask of Choice: Any mask would do. Here I use 201InsatiableDreams from Insatiable Dreams.
✔ Font of Choice: Any font you like. Here I use Take a Pebble


☼ Open a blank image with 600x600 (pixels).

☼ Copy and paste the mask. → Resize it to 600x600 pixels

☼ Copy and paste paper 17. → Resize it to 600x600 pixels 

☼ Click the mask layer on the layers panel. → Go to menu bar and click Select > All, and then Edit > Copy. → Click paper 17 on the layers panel. → Press Q on your keyboard → Go to menu bar and click Edit > Paste → Press Q on your keyboard again → Click "Add Vector Mask" icon in the bottom of the layers panel (it's next to fx icon). → Delete the original mask layer.

☼ Copy and paste element 22 → Make sure that the element 22 layer is in between the background layer and the mask layer → Resize to 91.39% →  Put it in the middle of the canvas

☼ Copy and paste element 11 → Resize to 84.2% →  Put it on the middle of the top half of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste element 97 → Reduce Opacity to 25% →  Put it on the left side of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste element 18 → Resize to 83.35% →  Put it on the right side of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste the tube → Resize to 42 % → Put it on the center of the top half of the canvas and move it a bit lower

☼ Copy and paste element 61 → Resize to 78% →  Put it on the table.

☼ Copy and paste element 75 → Resize to 38.4% →  Put it near the left corner of the canvas right before the tube 's hand.

☼ Copy and paste element 94 → Resize to 30.2% →  Put it on the right side next to element 18,

☼ Copy and paste element 34 → Resize to 24.2% →  Put it near the tube 's foot.

☼ Add your name/text to it.

☼ Add the required copyright/credit and save it in jpg or png format

☼ Delete the background layer


Thank you for following the tut. If you have any question regarding the instruction of this tut, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me HERE. :) xoxo

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