Friday, March 6, 2015

CT Tutorial & Snags for Inzpired Creationz Store - Alehandra Vanhek & Irish Princess Designs

I used the tube "Dolly" by Alehandra Vanhek

And the matching kit "Bunny" by Irish Princess Designs

Both can be found in Inzpired Creationz Store.

(Click the images to enlarge)

Preview of the kit

Some Extras Snags for you

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✎ Supplies Needed: 

✔ Programs: Photoshop - I use CS5, but any version should do.
✔ Tube of Choice: Any tube you like. Here I use PTU Tube "Dolly" by Alehandra Vanhek in Inzpired Creationz Store.
✔ Scrap Kit: "Bunny" by Irish Princess Designs in Inzpired Creationz Store.
✔ Mask of Choice: Any mask would do. Here I use mask 84 from Weescotslass Creations.
✔ Font of Choice: Any font you like. Here I use Soerjapoetera


☼ Open a blank image with 700x700 (pixels).

☼ Copy and paste the mask. → Resize it by 125%

☼ Add a new layer (name it layer 1) → Fill it with foreground color.

☼ Click the mask layer on the layer column on your right side panels. → Go to the menu bar and click Select > All and then Edit > Copy. → Click layer 1 on the layer column. → Press Q on your keyboard → Go the menu bar and click Edit > Paste → Press Q on your keyboard again → Click "Add Vector Mask" icon in the bottom of the layer column (it's next to fx icon). → Delete the original mask layer.

☼ Now add blending to layer 1. Click Gradient Overlay → From left to right, use the colors: d11f34 (location: 0%) > ffd7de (location: 35%) > b6ebffas  (location: 65%)  > 36a6fd   (location: 100%) → The setting and the color should be like the screenshot shown below.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Frame- → Resize to 86% →  Put it in the middle of the canvas.

☼ Copy and paste the tube → Resize to 38.3 % → Put it near the right part of the frame and move it a bit upper.

☼ Copy and paste the tube (and name it layer 4) → Move the layer of layer 4 below the layer of the frame →  Put it toward the left of the frame so the girl's face will be on the left of the tube layer. →  Cut the part of layer 4 that is outside of the frame. → Add blending > In the General Blending, change Blending Mode to: Luminosity > Opacity: 58%

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Scatter → Move the layer of Scatter upon the layer of the frame. → Put on the lower part of the frame.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Floral Scatter → You can resize it to 37.35%  as I did. Then duplicate this element 6 times and scatter them upon the element: IPD_B_Scatter.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Flowers- → You can resize it to 35.3%  as I did. Then duplicate this element 5 times and place them almost linearly upon the element: IPD_B_Floral Scatter.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Ribbon → Resize to 63.7% →  Put it on the left side of the flowers and move it a bit lower.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Bow- → Resize to 27.75% →  Put it on the middle upon the flowers.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Sparkles → Put it on the lower part of the canvas so it sparkles the flowers.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_Rabbit → Resize to 45.9% →  Put it on the left side of the flowers.

☼ Copy and paste element: IPD_B_DewDrops → Resize to 59% →  Put it on the left side of the tube and move it upper.

☼ Duplicate element: IPD_B_DewDrops → Resize to 66.3% →  Put it on the right part of the frame and move it a bit lower.

☼ Add your name/text to it.

☼ Add the required copyright/credit and save it in jpg or png format

☼ Duplicate the background layer (make sure it's in color white) and cut the part outside of the frame. → Move the layer of  background duplication below the layer of the mask layer.

☼ Delete the background layer


Thank you for following the tut. If you have any question regarding the instruction of this tut, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me HERE. :) xoxo

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