Monday, December 2, 2013

CT Tag "White Christmas" for P-O Concept + Tutorial + Freebie Extras

CT Tags for P-O Concept by using her PTU Kit - Frostine

(You can get it from PFD or S&Co)

and PTU Tube "Sybil" by Misticheskaya

(Click the images to enlarge)

Preview of the kit

Here are some extras to snag. Please do not alter the tag in any form, nor crop out the copyright. And please leave some love if you snag the tags. Thank you! :) 

Tutorial - White Christmas

✎ Supplies Needed: 

✔ Programs: Photoshop - I use CS5, but any version should do.
✔ Tube of Choice: Any tube you like. Here I use "Sybil" by Misticheskaya. It was from SATC but you should be able to get it in PFD later since SATC is closed. 
✔ Scrap Kit: Frostine by P-O Concept. You can get it from PFD or S&Co
✔ Mask of Choice: Any mask would do.Here I use Mask325 from weescotslass creations.
✔ Font of Choice: Any font you like. Here I use Kelt
✔ Wordart of Choice: Any Wordart you like. Here I use Free Wordart from S&Co


☼ Open a blank image with 600x600 (pixels).

☼ Place the mask. Click File → Place → Select the mask → Resize to make it 600x600 (pixels).

☼ Copy and paste paper 11

☼ Click the mask layer. Select all and copy. Go back to paper 11. Press Q on your keyboard → Paste → Press Q again → Click "Add Vector Mask" icon in the below of the layer column (it's next to fx icon) → Delete the original mask layer.

☼ Copy and paste element 8 → Put it a bit higher than the mask→ Move it below the layer of paper 11

☼ Copy and paste element 15 → Put it in the center of  the canvas

☼ Add a new layer (name it layer4) → Fill it with color #bbdbf7 → Move it below the layer of element 15 → Erase the parts of layer5 which are outside the frame

☼ Copy and paste the tube's close-up → Flip horizontal → In the layer column, right click on it and select Create Clipping Mask → Blending Option: Select Soft Light in the Blend Mode section

☼ Copy and paste element 57 → resize (smaller) → Move it upon the layer of element 15 → Put it in the center of  the canvas

☼ Copy and paste element 4 → Put it a bit left than element 57

☼ Copy and paste element 22 → Put it on the left of the canvas

☼ Copy and paste element 37 → resize (smaller) → Put it on the right of the canvas

☼ Copy and paste the tube → resize the tube to be smaller → Put it on the lower half of the whole canvas

☼ Copy and paste element 5 → resize (smaller) → Put it on the lower left of the canvas to cover the tube's knees

☼ Copy and paste element 40 → Flip horizontal → Put it in front of the tube's chest and arm

☼ Copy and paste element 28 → Put it in front of element 5

☼ Place the Wordart in front of element 5 → Fill in any color you like, here I use #5197ff

☼ Add your name/text to it, put it on the upper right of the canvas. → click Create warped text and then choose Shell Upper

☼ Delete the background layer

☼ Add required copyright/credit and save it in jpg or png format


Thank you for following the tut. :) xoxo

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